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Pam Brett, M.A., Ed.D.

Empowering math educators and students to believe in themselves by connecting research with practice.


A bit of my story...

I see myself as a transformational math educator and coach with a deep commitment to fostering growth in teachers and students by reshaping the approach to mathematics learning. Because, quite frankly, I am ready to see more people proudly proclaiming that they are "good at math".  I have made it my life's work to answer the define what it actually means to be "good at math".  


My teaching experience spans grades 3-8, the foundational years when learners develop their beliefs about mathematics, and their relationships with mathematics. I have coached a wide range of educators in a variety of demographics K-12, where I learned about the diverse educational needs in math classrooms.  


My academic journey led me through Rutgers University, where I completed both my Master’s Degree and Doctorate in Math Education, reflecting my dedication as a lifelong learner about best practices for teaching mathematics, connecting research with practice. 

A pivotal experience in my career, as part of my doctoral study, I earned the esteemed role as a Research Fellow for the National Science Foundation project, Metro Math at Rutgers University. This interdisciplinary partnership brought scholars and experts together from Rutgers University, the University of Pennsylvania, and the City University of New York, to study the integration of mathematics education, urban studies, cognitive science, policy, and educational psychology. The Metro Math Fellowship was instrumental in solidifying my commitment to help teachers understand how research findings influence their practice in the classroom.


I currently serve as the Executive Coordinator of Teacher Outreach for the Association of Mathematics Teachers of New Jersey (AMTNJ). In this role, I extend my impact on math teacher education working to provide meaningful professional learning experiences for K-12 teachers, coaches and administrators.  I coordinate events that bring well-resourced experts to foster growth and inspire the math teachers of our great Garden State. 


I am committed to staying connected with math education professionals who are making a difference in the landscape of mathematics education in this country.  I have presented at state and national conferences including AMTNJ, NJEA and NCTM. These settings energize my passion for the work that I do, helping teachers see themselves as mathematical thinkers so that they can, in turn do the same for their students.  

Central to my educational philosophy is the belief that everyone is capable of excelling in mathematics. I focus on helping both students and teachers to 'see to believe' in their math abilities. I am an advocate for engagement as the stepping stone to motivation, firmly believing that our presence and approach in the math classroom significantly influence our self-perception and learning attitudes.

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